Recurring/repeating tasks

Agreeing with everyone, the automation function doesn’t solve my issue really. Similar to Google Calendar or other apps, would love there to be a simple repeating function. So when I set a task up for every monday, I see it every monday on my calendar or weekly tasks. Hate that I am going to have to wait every week for the task to appear magically @lauralev


Has there been an update on this feature or have the devs not touched it over the past 2 years? My company is thinking about signing up for Monday but this is a huge issue. Recurring automation tasks are not the same as repeating tasks. Asana has this functionality and if could have this too, it would be an easy decision for us.

If this person isn’t with the anymore, can we get an update from a product manager who is?

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@monday-moderators This feature request could really use an update.

The approach from Monday so far has generally been to advise users on how each specific use case is possible with automation. This is often (not always) true, but it misses the point.

Our main point is that it is extremely frustrating to try to make things work via automation, and requires far too much thought & extra steps & accounting for edge cases, just to mimic an extremely basic use case that almost every organisation will encounter.

For example, say I have a group labelled Garden Maintenance, all the tasks being weekly. Suddenly, a new task arises — I want to restock our fertiliser supplies every 10 weeks. What are some of my options?

  • Create a new Recurrence column and fill in and/or verify this for every task from then on, plus make 2-3 automations (if not 20, depending on complexity) to shift them around

  • Create an entirely new Group for non-weekly tasks and set up all necessary automations, charts, etc. to include it as well, even if only one task sits in it

  • Leave things as is but rework all my views of that board to account for this one task — e.g. I may have never needed to sort or filter by due date for all my weekly tasks to display them in priority order (they’re all due at the same time!), but now I do.

And so on.

Again, the theme here is - simply walks through how it is POSSIBLE to make tasks recurring under the existing system, but overlooks how many steps & how much thought is required to implement this, with each new automation potentially introducing error elsewhere.

Dealing with recurring tasks is so, so common that the current system introduces a ton of friction. Please give us something better, even if it’s janky at first.