Recurring/repeating tasks

Agreeing with everyone, the automation function doesn’t solve my issue really. Similar to Google Calendar or other apps, would love there to be a simple repeating function. So when I set a task up for every monday, I see it every monday on my calendar or weekly tasks. Hate that I am going to have to wait every week for the task to appear magically @lauralev


Has there been an update on this feature or have the devs not touched it over the past 2 years? My company is thinking about signing up for Monday but this is a huge issue. Recurring automation tasks are not the same as repeating tasks. Asana has this functionality and if could have this too, it would be an easy decision for us.

If this person isn’t with the anymore, can we get an update from a product manager who is?


@monday-moderators This feature request could really use an update.

The approach from Monday so far has generally been to advise users on how each specific use case is possible with automation. This is often (not always) true, but it misses the point.

Our main point is that it is extremely frustrating to try to make things work via automation, and requires far too much thought & extra steps & accounting for edge cases, just to mimic an extremely basic use case that almost every organisation will encounter.

For example, say I have a group labelled Garden Maintenance, all the tasks being weekly. Suddenly, a new task arises — I want to restock our fertiliser supplies every 10 weeks. What are some of my options?

  • Create a new Recurrence column and fill in and/or verify this for every task from then on, plus make 2-3 automations (if not 20, depending on complexity) to shift them around

  • Create an entirely new Group for non-weekly tasks and set up all necessary automations, charts, etc. to include it as well, even if only one task sits in it

  • Leave things as is but rework all my views of that board to account for this one task — e.g. I may have never needed to sort or filter by due date for all my weekly tasks to display them in priority order (they’re all due at the same time!), but now I do.

And so on.

Again, the theme here is - simply walks through how it is POSSIBLE to make tasks recurring under the existing system, but overlooks how many steps & how much thought is required to implement this, with each new automation potentially introducing error elsewhere.

Dealing with recurring tasks is so, so common that the current system introduces a ton of friction. Please give us something better, even if it’s janky at first.


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My name is Mabel, I am on the product team of Adaptavist, a software development company and a partner of Monday. Great to meet you, albeit virtually!

We’re conducting interviews to increase our understanding of the workarounds, pain points and your needs around this particular problem: recurring tasks. As active users of Monday, your experience is invaluable to us, and your feedback can help us create a solution for you, which is our ultimate goal!

Would you be up for a 30-minute chat over Zoom? If you’re interested to take part, please suggest a day between August 1st- 5th and time that suits you and I’ll do my best to be available.

You can reach me out here or at Thank you!

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They know how to build recurring tasks. Our credit cards are billed every month. It’s more likely they just don’t want to. I think this clip from SouthPark explains it perfectly.

Chiming in here as well… I am an Integrated Program Manager for a large client account… our team is Global and we don’t required everyone to use and only certain folks are authorized to hold a license… in addition, we have clients that are not ready to use the tool on a regular basis.

I am setting up the entire program using to manage it at a holistic level… I love Monday and find it absolutely amazing in some ways…

however I am struggling w/ finding a board that will allow me to show a calendar view of Recurring Program Activities. ( I don’t manage marketing content, or social media)… I need to show all Program Activities…this includes things like

Internal Meetings, Client Meetings, weekly tasks, weekly reminders, future audits, deliverables, etc. Like how we would use a calendar… just not assign it to an actual person.

We are unable to integrate our calendars due to our company’s security policy.

If there was a way that we could have a column that allowed One Time vs. Recurring… to just track a task or activity on a program level (vs. it having to be aligned to a person) … it would be sooooo helpful!

I can’t wait for a meeting or activity to be complete to see the next view in a calendar… I need to be able to see things out for years… we have multi-year contracts.

Happy to discuss this further… this would be an awesome feature. If this is solved and I am just missing the blog, please share.


We need one time or recurring… a day, a month, time (if a meeting)… I keep searching


If you want to have different recurring tasks per group, then add a STATUS column, with values that represent each GROUP. Now you can build a WHEN DATE OCCURS automation, but add AND STATUS IS GROUP option… so you can create different automations per group.

… to help make it tidier… you can either add an automations such as WHEN ITEM MOVES TO GROUP1 SET STATUS TO GROUP1, or WHEN STATUS CHANGES TO GROUP1 MOVE ITEM TO GROUP1.

Now simply hide the column on the view… and yes, I agree would be nice if Monday provided move options in automations aroud things being in groups, but this is a simple workaround until (hopefully) they do!


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Thank you for your suggestion @MHaigh … I will play around with this. . I tried to group automations, but was struggling with multi automations…

I tried something like…

If Item “Client Meeting Group B” has “Dropdown = Tuesday, Thursday” and Status is “Recurring” then create items for Dropdown Days according to Timeline … I don’t think I was able to pull in the “drop downs as days to add in calendar” or select the timeline in the automation … but I am at novice level…I’m determined to figure this out! lol.

I will def. try your recommendations…

I still wish I could have an easy way to have something like…

Group X - Client Meetings
Item = Meeting A
Dropdown column #1* = Mon, Wed
Time column = 10am-10:30
Status Column 1 = Recurring
Status Column 2 = Weekly
Timeline Column = XX Date through 12/31/24.
Dropdown Column #2 = Attendee Names (Internal & Client)**

*Reason I need dropdown column #1 is b/c I may have multiple values that align with an item… I think if I put a status column for days… I can only use one.

**I can’t use the people column b/c not everyone has access to M.c, however we need to easily search / filter to find people and what meetings they are aligned with.

Background on why we need this view…
Our internal project teams will sometimes schedule one-off meetings w/ the client and recently a few have conflicted with existing recurring program meetings that are already on client calendars (The project team member scheduling the one-off meeting doesn’t attend and our calendars don’t allow us to see client schedules due to data privacy).
We need the team to know what client meetings are currently existing and who is going… so they pick a free time for all.

Additional examples…
Meeting B - Last Friday > 2pm -3pm Recurring > Quarterly. Starting XX through 12/31/25.
Meeting C - Project Kick - Off. one time. Friday (Date) / Time
Meeting D - Daily > 9:00am -9:15pm Recurring Starting XX Date through 12/31/23

Meetings B.C.D would mirror same columns as Meeting A example above with the appropriate values that map to those meetings

and then we just easily flip to calendar view!

Then have a similar view for all of our internal Meetings as a Separate Group
Group Y - Internal Meetings

Additional Groups that would also be needed are for Deliverables and the date due, Reminders, etc.

We have slides w/ this info for now…but my goal is to have a one stop shop calendar where we can link the shared view in a team slack channel… and everyone can look at… In addition… I can create a variety of tabs & views that I can flip up during stand-ups …depending on my audience.

Hope this makes sense! :slight_smile:

Judging by what you have said, I would personally suggest using either a shared Google or Outlook calendar rather than Monday. With Monday doesnt really support recurring entries in the calendar, so you would need to duplicate your meeting entry for each time it occurs.

I havent tested, but you may be able to use the Two-way sync integration - this would allow you to have a Outlook/Google calendar, that users setup meetings, and they will then appear as items in your Monday board automatically… not sure if it handles re-occurring meetings, but it will update the item in Monday if the date/time changes…

See Outlook Calendar integration – Support (

Thank you… yes… I am looking into Outlook options using the Group calendar feature at this point… we have data privacy guidelines w/in our company and are unable to use Google… and unfortunately we are locked down from synching our Outlook to right now… it would be so easy if I could do that!!

This is what has been difficult for me… I want to use as much as possible to manage our Program and build shareable links and dashboard views that anyone on our internal or client teams can see, however I need the flexibility in the tool to enter data without having to depend on app integrations or the People column (since not everyone has a need for a license).

I’m saying this b/c I am sure there are others out there that are in the same boat who work for large corporations who haven’t made a strategic decision to grant to all employees at an enterprise level. team… please keep us large corporation users in mind as you build journey maps of your potential new customers & continue development… your tool is starting to make its way into much larger corporations where a team gets approval at a lower org level to use w/in data privacy constraints. is continuing to get buzz in my world… but we are a long ways off from it being open at a CTO / CIO level to 300K+ global employees… and even if that happened…we will still have constraints due to the many clients that we work with and their data privacy requirements.

Plus 1 on the above. As a use case example, I have a 36 week project with Tasks that must simply be completed by a deadline along with specific meetings that must happen, every Wednesday from 1 to 2, etc. I’m frustrated that there is no way to create and replicate these specific meetings (bookings) in Monday.


Hmm, It’s hard to believe these conversations have been going on since 2020. I need to create a reoccurring item on the first day of various months throughout the year. If our calendars are able to create such automations, I do not understand why it’s not an option through the monday platform. Am I missing something? I’ve emailed monday support as well.

Item A - Jan, April, July and Oct
Item B - Feb and Aug
Item C - March and Sept
Item D - May and Nov
Item E - June
Item F - December

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The ability to create a repeating task easily and quickly on a pre set or custom time interval is critical.

We used to make A LOT of repeating tasks in ClickUp and loved it, but there is no straight forward way to do this in Monday.

We have only figured out two ways, which are obtuse, don’t work well and are not fun to manage.

1.) Creating a repeating task in automations. This is not a great feature because those tasks are then hidden in the automations window, which is out of view and does not have any sort of organization.

2.) Every time period, duplicate a task with a specific status. I then set the status to be a part of a specific interval. So each time interval has it’s own automation. They’re triggered by the due date, so when the due date arrives, the item duplicates, then the OG tasks date is pushed and the new task is duplicated to a new board.

We largely only use the latter method to help organize and manage repeating tasks and responsibilities with how to documents for new employees. That way, training is a BREEZE and no one feels like they have to take a ton of notes and there’s always something to reference back to.

It would be incredibly useful for to have a launch date / start date for recurring items. For example, “every time period starting this date create an item”, such as “every 4 weeks starting September 14th, 2020 create the item Clean Dishwasher Filter”.

These are the issues I currently face without this feature:

  1. Sometimes I set something to occur on a certain timeframe (e.g. once every 3 months) and it defaults to a set rotation (Jan, Apr, etc) rather than the schedule I intended (Feb, May, etc).

  2. Every time I alter (or accidentally edit) a task it throws off the carefully curated schedule. This is made even more difficult because the automation previews do not show what the item is, and I need to click through several to find the one I’m looking for.

  3. If I need to add in a new item, I need to add it in following its intended schedule. For example, if I have a task that only needs to happen twice a year, and the tasks is rotated among 4 team members, it cannot be fully set up for two years.

Please consider making this improvement!

Hey @APfluger!

Thank you so much for writing in with this thoughtful feedback around our recurring automations and items! This is such valuable feedback that I’d love to personally advocate for as a feature addition and I’ve already gone ahead and passed this along to our Autopilot Team for their review and consideration.

I can genuinely see how those three points you mentioned above would be helpful and I’m hopeful that they can be added as improvements as well in the near future!

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Wonderful! Where should I look to keep my eye out for updates?

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Hello, -

I was wondering if there has been any movement on this feature? First made the request over half a year ago, and unfortunately my team is about to leave Monday because it still isn’t available.

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New Monday user here. I would like to throw my hat in the ring for this. I just signed up for recently, and I went to create a recurring task to file sales tax, which happens for us in March, June, September, and December. I don’t see any way to accomplish this currently in Monday, unless there is a workaround I’m missing?


Hi Hayes, I totally relate. And as you can see, the recurring tasks are a big deal that seem not to get a lot of support attention for some reason.

I just did an automation for our finance department that is found in the Due Date section: When Due Date arrives, duplicate item to (X group) and push date by (3 months). This will place an item 3 months ahead of its due date, so they will always have it that much in advance. Not the whole year of it, but at least the next time they need it.

Just some thoughts…I tried many kinds of automations, but only one good one involves duplicating an item (all the others are moving it) and keeping it on the same board, so this is the one we’ll have to go with for now.

Hayes: I would advice that you create four tasks with the same name. You then add recurring automations for them. The kind of automation you set up is where you make the automation push the date by 365 days.

I must admit that I was quite frustrated earlier about this, but recurring tasks does work well when you have some experience with and understand automations.

Basically anything you need to have happened with tasks automatically is in there. You can also add your own quite flexible custom automation as well. Its easy to use when you have spent some time reading and experimenting with it. It is frustrating perhaps that you cant just use a checkbox to mark the task as recurring, but you will probably find out that automations are quite powerfull in what they let you do and you will probably see that the kind of feature would be unnecessary when you have automations.

OP: In regard to a starting date for when to create items this also seems possible with a custom automations. “When arrives, create item”.