Should an app be visible to create recipes in workspace it doesn't have access to?

We are encountering this much more frequency in recent weeks.

A user installs our app initially in Workspace A (the default now seems to be restrict to a single workspace for some accounts). Then on a board in Workspace B, the app is visible and an integration recipe can be created - but the app does not have access to Workspace B.

Logic would dictate that the app should not be visible when adding integrations to boards in Workspace B. However, that doesn’t appear to be true, and the recipe gets installed. To add to it, the recipe triggers and sends us an event as if everything works.

However, the token we receive cannot read or write anything to that board (it can access users, account, etc.). This means the integration is failing.

We had not seen this regularly until the last couple weeks - did something change recently that allows the app to be visible for use in a workspace it does not have access to?

Lastly, I would say this is a bug, an app should not be visible to create recipes in a workspace it won’t function in, nor should any triggered events from such a workspace (say access to the workspace was later removed) be sent.


Hey @codyfrisch
We are experiencing the same problem.
It happened also a couple of months ago.
The only solution was to uninstall and install again the app on the entire account.

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We’ve had success with having the customer switch it to the entire account after the fact, in at least getting it to work.

The main issue is that customers are allowed to install the app/recipes where it doesn’t have permission to function - this confuses the users and is leading to lots of support requests.

Its gotten to the point this is our first response for “its not working” type requests. Just rule this out first before we spend any time trying to find if there is a problem. So far its solved it in the majority of cases.

The main problem is customers don’t understand where the boundary between what monday controls and what we control - since we have no control over where the app is visible (thankfully! I’d hate to have to code for all that stuff!)

Hi @codyfrisch @rob :slight_smile:

To my understanding it’s a decision that was made a long time ago. Following your feedback, the team decided to reconsider this topic, and I’ll let you know when I have a proper response.

We appreciate you using this platform to help us grow!

@TomFri what I would suggest, is that the app can still be visible to add to a board, but if its in a workspace that it doesn’t have access to - insert a step to grant it access.

If it just isn’t visible like I originally suggested then customers will wonder why they can’t access the app. (Hey! I hadn’t really slept on it yet)

Having a step to grant the app access, eliminates the app not working issue, and also prevents a situation where customers can’t find an app they know they have installed.


Thank you
I’ll make sure that the team has your suggestion when working on that. :bulb:

I know this is an old thread, but would you be able to have the knowledge base team update this article to include a note that even without granting an app access to a workspace you can still SEE the app in the workspace and add recipes to boards in the workspace - they will even trigger and appear in the activity log! (I am not positive about adding view features to boards, but if so, that should be mentioned too.)

I’ve multiple times had to go in circles with customers who are adamant that the app has access to the workspace on the basis that they were able to add the recipe. Which does in any way reflect the permissions the app has.

This can cost us sales because “the app doesn’t work” when the app functions as expected - and the issue is the app access. At least if the article included a note about this until its fixed (hopefully) then I have a leg to stand on with customers to convince them they need to just go check the permissions.

Thank you!

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@codyfrisch FYI

Hey @codyfrisch ,

I have sent your feedback over to the team :grin:

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