To use a formula column to update a status column

Oh yes, @mpm0rgan
Take a look here:

@rob Fairly slow response here to your comment because I found another way. My question back is: Does intend to build this functionality that General Caster as built? We are a group that has to go through some fairly extensive vetting process before we can let a new vendor have any access to our data (as is the case for General Caster). passed this vetting process, but I can’t begin to ask our folks to vet General Caster for one function that would be useful.


Hey @mpm0rgan
I understand your worries.
For our part, I can assure you that no sensible data are stored by General Caster other than user and account names for log purposes.

I know the custom automations are out now but we are not able to use formulas to effect status changes. Any feedback on this?

I’m trying to use this formula as well to color code, but it keeps on giving me an errror.

IF({Number}>=0,“Positive :green_circle:”,“Negative :red_circle:”)


What is wrong?

Hi, just be careful with the quotes you use in the formula.
Some formula im using and its working OK:

IF(({Fecha concluido}=""), “Sin datos”,IF(DAYS({Fecha concluido},{Fecha prog})<1, “OK​:white_check_mark:”, “:x:”))

Hello everyone!

At this time, we are still planning for this to be done but no solution has been decided as of yet. Your workarounds are truly awesome and unique but you can also use our conditional coloring feature to color a specific formula column cell based on the output!

We will keep you posted as more developments are made!

This Solution Is very important because the app General Caster doesnt work with our previously fórmula columns AND Aldo doesnt work with subitems information


Hello! - Any estimates on a delivery date for this feature?

Hi to all! I know that General Caster can help on this topic, but I belive this should be a built in feature in monday. Just a change of status depending on the result (value) of a formula column would be a game changer, imagine all the posibilities of having something similar to General Caster build directly in to monday.

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Friends, It’s almost 2022, Will we ever have possibility to use a formula column in a recipe? It’s crucial.


It’s 2022!!!
It’s crucial for all the users to have the possibility to use a formula column in a recipe in order to change status column.


Yes, I use that but I also need to add a notification feature when it changes from one color to another.

Did implement the ability to update or change a status column with formulas yet?

Looking for this feature too. It’s possible to change a status with a number, why not with the formula ?
Thanks for your feedback

hey @monday any updates? Any updates on this at all?

hey @moday , @mrdjallen , @Krishele , any updates or news ?


Hi folk ! Still no updates? :frowning:

This thread is such a beautiful example of why people don’t use forums. Good luck out there y’all!