Include formula columns in automation recipes

While it is nice to have a work around identified in the General Caster tool, I believe this should really be a native feature given how useful it would be. Even an internal workaround would be great!

How about allowing an automation to copy the value in a formula column cell to a number column cell? Something like when time tracking is updated, copy the value from my time remaining formula to a number column.

Then I could use that number column in automations.

This is just one idea of a work-around. Not ideal, but it would help.

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Still no news or ETA??

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Bumping this thread and feature request!


Was this ever solved? I would love to know is there is a between function for the recipe.


We are also looking for the ability to use automation on a formula column.

We are using the formula column to create an average across the value of various columns. If the average is greater than X, we want it to be able to change a status to “High”, If the average is lower than Y, we want it to be able to change a status to “Low”.

This is also a major use case for a “Between” function for the recipe. In this case we would make it “Medium” It really should be something that exists in this…


I am just exploring the use of FORMULAS in I am unable to find “General Caster” in the Integration offerings. I am wanting a status to change based on how many WORKdays there are until a DATE. I was able to create a formula tallying the number of WORKdays until a DATE, however I am not able to figure out how to create an automation based on this formula. Please advise and bump up this feature request.

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@EmilyRobin , look for General Caster in the apps section.
Once it’s installed it has its own set of integration recipes.

I just wanted to bump this thread. This is a feature that our company would benefit from significantly.

More specifically, we are currently building boards on which have dates outputted in either (i) formula columns, or (ii) subitem summary columns. Neither of these can currently be used in the formula automations for our intended use: automatically sending emails based on whether a formula-output date is reached.

General Caster does solve this issue relatively well. However, with our data privacy concerns, and the size limitations of the product (GC limited to 500 integrations per month before payment), this is not a viable solution for us. So we are looking forward to having this feature as part of Monday soon.


+1 to requesting formula columns to be included in automations.

My use case for this: I have 2 columns, original time estimate and current time estimate, and a formula column to calculate the % time remaining. I want to set up an automation to alert the item owner when % time remaining drops below a certain threshold. What this requires is an automation “when {formula} is below {value}, {notify} {person}”. I can do this for numbers but not formulas.


I’m also looking for using formula columns in Automations.

However, the only reason I initially wanted to use a formula was thinking I could expand other limitations to automations. So, really allow any column, any value to be used in automations.

What am I missing? For any column besides item, status, person, and date I can only start automations with “When column changes” but can’t seem to even specify what the change is, or simple comparison function, etc. I thought I could create a work-around by having another automation change the value of a number column then use the number column value to trigger another automation. But I can’t see anywhere how I can even use a number column value to start an automation. I suppose I need to create more dummy status columns for this…

From what I’ve been able to find/test, General Caster won’t reference Formula Columns any more than Monday does.

What I’ve done is created multiple formula columns that feed off one another and the automation I want to create is based on one of those derived formula columns but neither Monday nor General Caster can reference a Formula Column, so it’s still a problem.

I just want to be able to either use a formula column in Monday native automations or a way to reference a formula column in General Caster or some other integration.

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This seems like a no-brainer. When Formula Column value equals “X” should be a trigger for automations.

Not having this feature causes a LOT of manual work on our end, reviewing multiple columns to determine if an item is ready for the next stage in our workflow, then manually setting Status values.


Any Update on using formula columns for automation to this?

Agreed - this capability would be of huge use to us. Would love an update or a workaround option.

Would be great to add the condition based on the sum of a board too

I really want to use the formula date (final date from the other 3 date columns) into automation for notification!!
Please, anyone from team look into this issue and demand ?

This is a necessity and would be revolutionary to the current automation recipes monday have!


I agree. We really need formulas included in recipes.

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To use formula columns for automation is really a basic need.
Without this the possibilities are extremly limited. It seems that this
issue is more than 2 years old and still no solution. Does anybody know
if this is possible with ASANA? In this case it would make sense to switch.


Hi @PathGrowth,

you can have General Caster perform the formula itself, rather than referencing the formula cell, and then cast the result to a cell.

I have been using this, although very quickly run out of the available actions per month in the free version.