Unable to view emails in Monday.com (ONLY TITLES)

For some reason I’m unable to view/read emails (only in my “ACCOUNTS BOARD”). Please see attached video for full explanation. I tried everything but could not figure this out. SEE ATTACHED VIDEO.

Thanks for your help!

Hey Markin,

This sounds like it might be due to permissions set up in the app for the specific account that’s connected:

Can you confirm if this is the case?

Hi Bianca, thanks for the reply. I checked the preferences and I have it set for “read and write” (see attached VIDEO that I just uploaded). Additionally, when I go to my gmail inbox in Monday, I only see the title. Thanks!

Thank you for sharing Markins and for your help with this :pray:

Are you able to please share a screenshot of the email logging settings? This way I can see whether you’ve selected the option for all outgoing emails to be logged in the E+A timeline or if you’ve selected the option to only log emails that are BCCed to the given address?

Here is a video.

Please help us answer this right away since we can’t use monday.com until we are able to read emails. This is a bit frustrating and this should not even happen. There are not benefits of only showcasing titles of an email. Do you think there is a way to escalate this ticket? Thanks so much for your help!!!

Thanks for the added context Markins. I totally understand the frustration and am working with internal teams to understand the roadblock here.

On that note, our sales CRM guru @sashawe has shared this recording which may help clarify why you’re unable to view emails (absence of the email column).

Please let me know how you go with this :pray

Thanks Bianca for your assistance. I will review the video and let you know if this works. In the meantime, if you discover anything, please let me know. Thanks!!!

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Absolutely Markin! Please let me know if the recording helps fix the issue for you :pray:

Hi Bianca, how are you? I’m still having major problems replying to emails received in my GMAIL account in Monday com’s CRM. Please let me know how can emails from Gmail can be replied. Specifically, from accounts that have not been entered in Monday CRM/contacts.

Hi Bianca, I’m still having problems with gmail integration in monday.com. I posted a video but your forum flagged my post. Very annoying. Help!

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Hi Bianca, can you help me? I posted another question but I’m confused why monday.com has flagged by post. Please help. We can’t use gmail in monday.com because the emails received are unreadable. Please see the flagged post that I submitted days ago.

Hi Bianca, here is the post that keeps getting flagged. I don’t understand why:


Hey Markin,

I am really sorry for the continued flagging … I am unsure why our system continues to do this and am looking into this internally.

That said, I have taken a look at your recording and believe I understand where the issue lies here. I can see that you do not have an email address set up in the email column, so the system doesn’t know to log the emails of that recipient. In order for emails to log in the E+A timeline, an email address must populate the column. Please let me know if this is clear :pray:

Please reference these 2 articles which explain in detail how the feature works:

Good morning Bianca, thanks for the reply yesterday. But how can I connect an email if I receive a new email from gmail that has yet to be entered in monday.com? As I indicated, I receive lots of daily emails from new businesses. I’m simply trying to (1) open a new email (2) reply to them in monday.com’s CRM. Right now, I only see that title and I’m unable to reply.

I have attached the following screenshots:

1 - Gmail workspace
2 - What happens when I try to reply to a new email received (only the title is displayed)
3 - My email settings

On a separate note but also related to the matter above, I read that there is a way to automatically add email automatically if the email is not in my CRM contacts.

I don’t see an option to add emails automatically (see screen shot from the URL below):



Hey Markin,

Thanks for your continued cooperation on this - I apologise for any confusion here.

I’ve spoken with our CRM experts internally…

Where we believe the issue is stemming from, is that E+A doesn’t currently support logging new incoming emails from email addresses not logged anywhere in the system. It only will begin to log once you start the conversation in E+A or once you have the email address in the email column. In order to do this you can either

  1. Use the gmail integration to bring in new emails, and then respond from E+A.

  2. Switch the create contacts automatically feature on, so if you were to respond to the initial email from gmail, the contact will be created as an item in monday, and after that initial response they can converse within monday as well. In line with your question, please follow the steps in this article to activate the feature → Create contact automatically.

Please let me know if this helps explain the way the app works :pray:

Hi Bianca, thanks for the helpful info. I tried to read the “create contact automatic” feature, but the link doesn’t work:
https://app.getguru.com/card/Td6q98xc/Create-contacts-automatically (it asks for login credentials). Are you able to copy and paste the content or send a different link? I will review the provided support info once I’m able to access it. Thanks!