Option for "ALWAYS VISIBLE" page header in Monday

When you have lots of entries in your groups, and scroll down the list … the Page Header with View Selection and Search/Filter/sort options … goes away, and you need to scroll up to the top again to access this functionality.

This han been the nr 1 complaint from users the last 2 weeks … and I guess it could be easily fixed by adding a “ALWAYS VISIBLE” option to the Top part of the page.

kind of like the PIN logic you have for Items in groups, only this time Vertical :slight_smile:
Hope for a quick fix

Regards Nils


Feel free to add your vote to this previous similar feature request too


Yes, voted a long time ago. Small enhancement but huge impact for end users.


Yep @Eltjo. Curious why there’s never been any action on this.

“Pin columns” was a cool addition but we’re still waiting for the far-more-useful “Pin header”.


I do take posts like this into account, and I totally get it that there are more stakeholders than only the community. But there is a lot small enhancement requests in the community whereof I think if Monday would devote one or two sprints to specifically those items, the Monday community and it’s active people would be insanely happy. At least I would be.

To quote a view of my favourites small enhancements

Not small but a real time saver:


I agree, but if the header section takes up too much space, it’ll just make you have to scroll down further to see what you’re looking for. If you could just keep the top line and the line with the views on it at the top of the page, I don’t think we need the description of the board up there all the time.

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good idea :slight_smile: the main thing is to have easy access when the boards gets big, and you are way down the list …